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Now Boarding Travel has been exploring the world and discovering hidden gems along the way for more than 15 years. Over those 15 years, we have constantly been fine tuning our method, more and more efficiently helping others uncover similar adventures of their own. For more than a year now, Now boarding has been focusing on couples' travel. Sending countless couples and newlyweds to warm and exotic locations to get away from it all and enjoy the world and each other!

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Kristy founded Now Boarding Travel and has been to dozens of countries and over 100 resorts on 5 continents. She specializes in Destination Weddings, Romance Travel, Disney, Europe, Japan, Fiji, and The Caribbean.

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Laurie has lived and traveled all over the world and is now based in Atlanta. She specializes in cruises, Hawaii, and large groups.

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Jess works with first time travelers and experienced globe trotters to help find new and exciting places to visit, sights to see and experiences to be had.

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Retha has lived and traveled all over the world and is now based in Soth Africa. She specializes in exotic travel and does a lot of our graphic design work!

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Matt has been traveling most of his life and is Now Boarding's roadtrip guru as well as technology manager.

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Now Boarding Travel takes pride in providing prompt, personal service and one on one correspondence with each and every customer, regardless of budget. Contact us today and let us help you "Avail Your Time, Honor Your Budget, and Feed Your Soul"!