Our Mission:

At Now Boarding Travel, we bring a personal touch to the art of planning travel. Instead of an anonymous online booking engine, you work one-on-one with a real, live travel pro who’s here to expertly guide you through all of your options.

We get to know you and what makes you tick—so that we can design a custom trip that’s as unique as you are. Then, we do it again! Our goal is to be your go-to resource for every vacation, so each journey you take is even better than the last.

Meet Kristy Smallish,
Founder of Now Boarding Travel

My love for travel really kicked into high gear when I met and married my husband. Both previously divorced, we were seeking ways to blend our family of eight—with six kids between us, you can go ahead and call us the Brady Bunch! 

We found a way through travel. Whether it was a simple camping trip to the Smoky Mountains or a whirlwind escape to Disney, our family vacations gave us the time and space we needed to really bond. We all stepped away from the iphones and daily distractions, and instead focused on creating new traditions—and cherished memories—together. 

Through Now Boarding Travel, my team and I help you do the same. Since 2017, my travel agency has helped our clients strengthen their relationships through stupendous, stress-free escapes. 

And speaking of relationships—that’s exactly what I want to build with you. Bring me all your questions, the concerns that pop into your head late at night, and the travel dreams you’ve been nursing for years. I’m here to listen and guide you through it all, ensuring you feel confident about each and every leg of your journey.